Top Causes of Drain Blockages in Farnborough Houses

Keeping household drains clear of blockages is essential for smooth functioning in any home. Farnborough houses are no exception. However, despite our best efforts, blocked drains are a common issue here too. This article discusses the top causes of drain blockages in Farnborough houses.

1. Hair: Hair is a major culprit in causing blockages in drains for Farnborough residents. whether it comes from shaving, hair-brushing or the daily shower, loose strands can become entangled, gradually creating a sizable blockage which prevents water from flowing freely. Unfortunately, hair doesn’t break down easily, so it can accumulate inside the pipes over time, causing severe blockages that might require professional help for removal.

2. Grease and Fat: Cooking grease, fats, and oils are notorious blocked drains farnborough for clogging drains. While these substances may flow down the sink as liquids, they cool and harden once inside the pipes, sticking to their walls. Over time, they can build up, narrowing the pipe and restricting the flow of waste water, or blocking it completely. Residents in Farnborough are advised to use grease traps or dustbins to dispose of these substances, instead of pouring them down the sink.

3. Food Waste: Smaller food particles that slip through the sink can also cause drain blockages. Though the waste disposal unit can break down the food particles, some of them inevitably end up in the pipes. Also, some foods, like tea leaves, coffee grinds, and certain fibrous vegetables, don’t break down easily and can cause clogs.

4. Sanitary and Baby Products: Despite many products claiming to be ‘flushable’, items like baby wipes, sanitary products, and cotton balls can also cause severe blockages. These products do not disintegrate in the water as toilet paper does. They can get caught in the pipes, causing sizable obstructions over time.

5. Tree Roots: In Farnborough, many mature neighbourhoods with older sewer systems often experience drain blockages due to tree roots. Roots are attracted to the water, nutrients, and warmth found in sewer lines. They infiltrate the pipes through tiny cracks and, once inside, can cause significant blockages by reducing the flow of water.

6. Heavy Rain and Storms: Heavy rain and storms can result in an excess of water going through the drains, which can lead to blockages. This overload, coupled with rubble and debris swept in, can easily overwhelm the drain system, especially if it’s already partially blocked.

7. Broken Pipes: Another cause of a blocked drain can be broken or collapsed pipes. Over time, pipes can degrade and break, fall in on themselves or become dislodged. It might be due to natural causes such as ground movement, or human causes such as accidental damage during construction works. This will obviously lead to a blockage as the waste water can’t flow freely.

To prevent drain blockages in Farnborough homes, residents are advised to adopt several practices. Regular drain cleaning is crucial to remove any build-up, while being mindful of what is going down the drain, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, can also help immensely. For tougher blockages, it might also be necessary to seek the help of a professional drain cleaning service. Avoiding these problematic habits can certainly make living in Farnborough even more enjoyable, as this vibrant town continues to be a fantastic place to call home.