Understanding the Common Causes of Blocked Drains by LocalDrains

Blocked drains are a common household issue that can cause significant problems if not addressed promptly. LocalDrains, a comprehensive drain services provider, understands this problem and has dedicated its efforts in helping homeowners combat it effectively. Over the years, LocalDrains noticed a few common culprits behind these troubling blockages, revealing several common causes such as daily habits that contribute to them and how to avoid them.

1. Hair

The major cause of blocked drains in many households is hair. Plenty of hair flows down through the bathroom sinks and showers daily. The accumulation of hair over time binds with grease and other sticky substances to form clogs, leading to blocked drains. Preventative measures like installing a drain guard can help collect the hair and prevent clogging.

2. Fat and Grease

In the kitchen, it is not unusual for fats and grease to get washed down the kitchen sink. This fatty residue can cool and harden in your pipes, eventually leading to significant obstructions. LocalDrains suggests that rather than washing fats and grease down the sink, you should let them cool and solidify, then scrape them into the trash.

3. Plant and Tree Roots

For outdoor drains, plant and tree roots can cause considerable issues. Seeking moisture, they can make their way into cracks and fractures in the pipework causing the drains to get blocked. Over time, the roots grow larger and completely block water flow. It’s essential to regularly inspect outdoor pipes and consider strategic plant placement in your yard to minimize these issues.

4. Foreign Objects

Toilets and sinks often get blocked when foreign objects or unsuitable material is flushed down. This list includes diapers, wipes, sanitary products, and small toys. Ensuring only biodegradable and small scaled waste is flushed down is one way to significantly reduce bathroom-related blockages.

5. Heavy Rain and Storms

In some cases, blocked drains can be due to external factors like heavy rain or storms. The overflow of stormwater can invade the sewer system, resulting in a foul back-up of water mixed with sewage waste into homes. To prevent storm-related drain blockages, LocalDrains recommends periodic checks of your drainage system and the installation and maintenance of a backwater valve.

6. Broken Pipes

Lastly, broken or old pipes can also lead to blocked drains. Any damage or cracks in the pipes can cause accumulation and eventual clogging of the drainage system. LocalDrains suggests regular check-ups and maintenance of the pipework to avoid any such issues.

LocalDrains stresses the importance of being mindful of what consumers are flushing or rinsing down drains and the larger impact small actions can have on the health of their home’s drainage system. Unclogging a blocked drain can be a tough job; rather than struggling blocked drains localdrains with it,;

LocalDrains has made their professional drain cleaning services accessible to homeowners. Armed with expertise and industry-grade equipment, they can efficiently tackle any drain clogs and ensure your pipes are functioning smoothly. Regular maintenance can also save homeowners from the inconvenience and expense of serious plumbing issues.

In conclusion, while various culprits can cause blocked drains, understanding and preempting these common causes can significantly reduce the occurrence of these issues. Trust and partner with LocalDrains, and you can expertly navigate any drain blockages while ensuring the efficient long-term functioning of your drainage system.